Data acquisition unit for a dynamic penetrometer

MSboxV2, data acquisition unit for dynamic penetrometers specially developed to be used on a penetrometer. Its design is a direct result of client feedback and the latest embedded equipment technologies. This development notably resulted in a data acquisition unit equipped with optimised operation software for use with context buttons to avoid touch-screen technology that is highly unsuitable for the environments in which penetrometers are used.

Waterproof unit with a 7-inch colour screen.

Full keyboard with context buttons

Integrated GPS

Integrated camera

Standard micro USB port

The unit is equipped with GPS technology to geolocate each test, a standard micro USB port (data transfers, updates, battery charging) and an integrated camera for taking photographs. The 7″ inch colour screen gives a live view of the penetrograms and the reference curves. The MSboxV2 calculates and accounts for the anomaly type coming from the NF P 94 063 compaction control standard.

The device has an internal battery for total autonomy. This new unit can be installed instead of the previous systems.




compatible machines

Delivered with MSlog software for the processing and drawing up of reports on a computer.

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