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Data acquisition unit for dynamic penetrometer

Simple, robust, economic!

The MSbox data acquisition system is an acquisition unit which measures and records the test parameters for a dynamic penetrometer. This unit has been developed to replace the old EDAS unit developed when we first began selling compaction control devices. The MSbox unit incorporates all the benefits that contributed to the success of the old system: simplicity, robustness and economy. We have also added an internal clock to date each test, a GPS chip for geolocalisation and a Bluetooth chip to enable wireless data transfer.

The device has an internal battery which allows it to be completely autonomous and independent of the electrical system (whether it exists or not) of the machine on which it is installed. This device can be fitted in place of the old systems.




Compatible machines
pénétromètre CRT75
Boitier MSbos Sur GTR
Boitier Msbox sur pénétromètre

The MSbox data acquisition system functions with MSlog

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