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Constant and variable energy penetrometer data processing software

MSlog is software which processes data from constant and variable energy penetrometers. Its new, completely revised version is multi-functional and helps save time in the production of reports. Its flexibility in terms of the presentation of the penetrogram allows the presentation to be customised.

It is delivered with Msbox data acquisition systems (constant energy penetrometer) and with the MS4 data acquisition system (variable energy penetrometer).

The MSlog software can be used on a Windows PC/tablet, it makes it possible to control the transfer of data from a penetrometer with MSbox and MS4 data acquisition systems to a computer. It transforms digital data to a graphic representation by means of a document that meets the NFP94-063 and/or AF-EN-ISO-22476-2 (function G) and NFP94-105 standards. Supplied with a complete catalogue of soils according to the GTR classification for densification targets q2, q3, q4, q5. It automatically calculates the type of anomaly, allows the output of reports in PDF format and is capable of inserting various documents (photos, plans) into a report.

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MSbox V2

Compatible with the following data acquisition systems:

Downloading the MSlog update.

Attention ! If you wish to download the latest version of the MSlog software, this update is on a secure page. Have ready the password provided by MAPESOL to its customers for tracking its software (download in .zip format – “40MB”)

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